Why did you decide to move to Florida?

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EDC’s two other co-founders were Miami/Miami Beach-based. There’s only so much work you can do remotely. It’s better for the startup if you can have everyone roughly in the same place and on the same schedule.

If you meant that as a personal question — I can say that Miami Beach, despite how glamorous it’s made out to be, is not really the right place for me. But I am hanging in there until my situation changes. I’ve been meaning to write a bit about my observations as a recent Miami transplant… but it ended up being mostly complaints.

Hey man, I've been following you for a couple years now. I don't think I've ever commented on any of your posts, but after reading your response to that "success" question I just wanted to reach out and express how cool it's been to see your personal growth over this time. I started following you because I thought that self-deprecating shizz was funny, but your posts now are so much more positive and seeing you pursuing a passion - it's all very inspiring. Good luck with everything.

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"I’ve been following you for a couple years now. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on any of your posts…"

Son of a…

Nah jk I appreciate the following. I still make fun of myself but I’m grownt enough to know that making fun of things (yourself or otherwise, dragging is different lol) won’t get you far or do you good.

Followed EDC for a while and not too thrilled w/ current content. You post some reviews here and there of new products or some essentials (e.g. top flashlights) but to anyone who seriously follows EDC, these aren't always the best choices. Creates misleading content for me and is the sort of thing I expect from poor sites like Gear Patrol. I wish your reviews were more heavily supported by testing like at Everyday Commentary and that you clarified $ connections (e.g. Amazon affiliate links).

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Hi, firstly, I’m sorry to hear the content is letting you down. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out with feedback. It’s true that not all the content we post might be interesting or the best recommendations for “serious” EDCers. It’s difficult to strike a balance of (hardcore) authenticity and accessibility. Our goal is to help people discover tools that can improve their life in some way. The nitty-gritty of discussing LED tint, reflectors and optics in a flashlight that serious EDCers like you and I might enjoy might be lost upon newcomers to EDC. And if we want EDC to become better understood, more common, and more accessible, we have to present it in a way that’s easier to digest. I started the blog because back in the day, all info on EDC was super technical and fragmented across 4-5 different forums, some were invite only. I thought it’s way too hard of a hobby to get into, but it’s needlessly hard…

With that in mind, it’s never our intent to mislead readers, and how could we? I am lucky to have such an astute readership. The reviews I post (tagged #review, and not announcement of a new product on the market), I actually do test thoroughly with days-weeks of use and write my honest opinion. They are definitely supported by testing, carry and use. In the future there will be more of these when we have the bandwidth and resources for more writers and sourcing review samples (I am the only one writing them). Also, we have a disclaimer on every page about Amazon affiliate links, but I can review how to make that more clear.

Lastly, I hope you stick around as we have big changes in the near future and I really want to work hard to make the site better in every way. And I couldn’t do that without feedback. Thanks anon.